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Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Start Off With Success

Kacy Hafertepe and Nicole McNeely, ‘17, Staff Writers

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Although the Strath Haven lacrosse teams kicked off their seasons with stormy weather, both teams had a bright start with their first official win one the first Frday of their seasons, March 24th. From the men’s team’s weekend conditioning practice of break the ice-covered turf to the women’s indoor gym practices, the inclement weather has proven to not be a setback for either team. The biggest challenge for both teams, however, lies within the central league. On the boy’s lacrosse team side of the sport, Senior lacrosse player Tyler Fink admits “Garnet Valley is always a dogfight,” but as the boy’s amazing season last year was cut short in semi-finals by Springfield High School, he says “we are really focusing on redeeming ourselves against Springfield.” Clearly the boy’s team has a clear goal ahead of them when it comes to facing off for with times within the league and with the fight for a Central League title. For the girls team however, Conestoga high school was the State champion last year, with Garnet Valley as their runner-up. These two teams will certainly prove to be difficult to topple for the league title, but there are a few other goals within the league as well. Garnet Valley will be one of the girl’s biggest rivals as they won did two years ago but lost last year. This grudge match will be one for the books. Both teams enter their season with a unique skill set that will enable them to compete with even the best of teams come this spring. The men’s team has a strong returning senior class with athletes Will Huestis and Joe Healy. They play a high intensity attack and use their speed as a strength. Adding to their attack will be returning junior Jeff Conner who aims to enhance the team’s strengths in the midfield. A strong defensive base will hold them together and likely be the difference between a whether or not they achieve a successful playoff run. The women’s team also returns some valuable players this year with captains Nicole McNeely, Kacy Hafertepe, Maddy Ruffini, and Elizabeth Labows. Hafertepe and Labows will anchor the defense while McNeely and Ruffini will drive the attack, along with underclassman who are growing into their roles.Both the boys and girls lacrosse teams have incredible goalies this season. Will Brake and Katie Capalbo both are to thank for a handful of each teams’ success. Will, a junior committed to play at Dartmouth University, and Katie, a junior committed to playing field hockey (and probably lacrosse) at Villanova University, are amazingly talented in the net. Hopefully these skilled athletes along with those further up the field will be enough to push both of the lacrosse teams to success throughout the season.

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Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Start Off With Success