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Sixers are in Panic Mode

Carter Krouse '17, Editor

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The city of Philadelphia is in shock after Philadelphia 76ers’ team doctors released the terrible news that both Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons will never play another game in the NBA. To take a look back at the Sixers history in the past couple of years, the last time the Sixers made it to playoffs was during their 2011-2012 season. That means for the past five years, Philadelphia residents and sports fans have been left desperate for any semblance of hope. The Phillies, Eages, and Sixers have lead a dry spell here in Philadelphia, and the two recruits of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons this year were the keys to putting Philadelphia athletics back on track. However, the Sixers did not have the odds in their favor.

After suffering a tear in his meniscus, Joel Embiid was told that his knee would never be the same again and that it would be best to retire. Taking the advice of his doctors, Embiid announced his retirement early this week. This is a really huge blow as Embiid was having a Rookie of the Year type of season prior to his injury.

If this wasn’t bad enough for Sixers fans, who have been waiting for a competitive team for over 3 years, rookie Ben Simmons will never log any NBA minutes either. Simmons suffered a Jones fracture during last summer’s preseason and was told that he might have a shot to play during the 2016-2017 season. However, doctors were keeping the truth from him. They just recently told him that his foot will not be able recover correctly and that it is in his best interest to retire. This is one of the biggest disappointments in Philadelphia sports history.

After three years of “tanking”, highlighted by the phrase “Trust the Process”, fans are now realizing that they were wrong to trust the process. No one in the Sixers front office is willing to talk about the disaster and it is starting to make Sixers fans angry. Protests and riots have begun to occur all throughout the city and there has been serious damage to buildings and statues. Resident Sixers fan and Strath Haven Senior Marcus Abdul rants to the Panther Press saying, “See if I ever trust the process again! When is Phili ever going to get any luck? Or at least not get any bad fortune.” This is a sad day for Philadelphia as a city facing years of athletic failure, the Sixers organization coming to terms with a drafting flop, and its loyal but disappointed fans.

Hopefully, the Sixers can capitalize on the upcoming NBA draft and can look to build a playoff caliber team in the near future. Let us hope that the Sixers organization can create some miracle to get the team and the entire fan base out of the lowest low in this slump. The 76ers organization needs to realize that they are in panic mode because if they don’t, the fans will definitely let them know.

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Sixers are in Panic Mode