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The Bistro is Closing!?

Hendrick Xiong-Calmes, '18, Online Editor

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After many years of being the saving grace of many Haven students who buy their lunch, the Bistro’s reign in the cafeteria is coming to a close due to revisions made in the district’s food plans. Unfortunately, this year will be the last in the long legacy of the Bistro here at Haven. Hungry students looking for quality lunches will undoubtedly be forced to look elsewhere.

Every day, a student will sprint out of your class at the end of second or third block, without giving their teacher a single glance or reasons as to why they just hopped over three desks to get out the door. However, to the fellow student the answer is quite clear and can be summed up in two simple words: “The Bistro.” Regardless of the teacher’s annoyance with said student, it never fails to occur; students every day will leave their class a few minutes early just to get to the front of the long bistro line. The race down the back stairway to beat that one extra person to the line and the painfully long wait to the smell of sizzling vegetables. But at long last, this all is coming to an end by the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. However, we students need to have an answer as to why exactly this is happening. Much to our dismay, we are not getting any of the answers that we seek.

After trying to contact the Wallingford Swarthmore School District’s superintendent, as well as many of those employed to work in our school’s lunchroom, we have still not received any word back as to why these heinous revisions have been made, but there is nothing stopping us here at the Panther Press from speculating.

After many failed attempts to get feedback from many figureheads in our school’s lunch system, I concluded that maybe their ignorance is intentional. Perhaps they are not responding to our messages on purpose, and they are simply spreading a rumor. That way, they could see how much of an issue students would have with the closing of the bistro. If it were little enough of an issue, they could close the ward? There is a legend that a long time ago, the Green Mile was an underground tunnel. One person would come to this tunnel every time they were in an awkward situation to hide away from it, until the day they died. Their ghost continued to live on as the Ghost of Awkwardness, haunting the hallway and making ordinary interactions into horrifying experiences. With the Ghost of Awkwardness around, the hallway seems to stretch on forever, time slows, and the sound of your shoes becomes even more amplified. It seems like a stretch, definitely, but you can’t deny that there is always some supernatural element to the awkwardness you feel whenever you walk down the Green Mile. bistro for real, thereby saving money from workers and extra food every day. This test of faith in our loyalty to the cuisine at Haven is a gross violation of morals and privacy and the Panther Press does not in any way support or condone that behavior.

Regardless of what the truth is behind this news, it is without question that we, as students of Strath Haven, have to take action if we want to preserve the existence of our sacred eatery in the lunchroom. The Bistro has saved students so many times from going lunchless, that I believe it is our turn to save the Bistro. The time to take action is now.

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The Bistro is Closing!?