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Hydroxyl Acid: Toxic and Dangerous

Nick Li, '17, Staff Writer

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Odorless, colorless, tasteless and deadly. This substance can be found just about anywhere and everywhere on Earth. Every year, people die from this chemical. According to NASA, it is also a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and it is the major component of acid rain. The chemical in question here is a substance called hydroxyl acid, and while rarely talked about, this chemical is a cause for some serious concern.

There are many toxic and even deadly chemicals found on earth. From carbon monoxide gas to the rare but extremely dangerous ClF3. Even in everyday situations we come in contact with different acids that could be potentially fatal. For example, nail polish remover is actually made of acetone, a potentially dangerous substance. Other toxins exist in our everyday lives like formaldehyde and benzene. However, out of this long list of toxins, none come close to the severity and deadliness of hydroxyl acid.

It has several forms that are potentially deadly. In solid form, there are seventeen types of hydroxyl acid that are known to exist so far, and despite the research thus far, surely more forms are out there. One common type of solid hydroxyl acid is so simple to make, that most young children are able make it. Consequently and unfortunately, hydroxyl acid is the most deadly to children with 20% of all hydroxyl acid deaths coming from children the ages of 0-14 according to the CDC.

In solid form, prolonged exposure to it causes numbness in the extremities along with severe tissue damage. However, this deadly and extremely common chemical is most common in liquid form all throughout the world. It has been found everywhere on Earth, from the deepest depths of the ocean, to the driest of deserts. It has even been discovered on other planets in other star systems as well as on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. It is in our bodies right now. An overdose of hydroxyl acid can cause the red blood cells in your body to rupture.

For those who are dependent on hydroxyl acid, withdraw is fatal. There is currently no means to stop their dependency without certain death. It is imperative that the public take action with this chemical. To get more information on the subject at hand, visit: htm or html. We need public action now. Are you willing to help solve this problem?

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Hydroxyl Acid: Toxic and Dangerous