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The Best of the Worst Movies to Watch

Claire Van Duyne, '17, Editor-In-Chief

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Everyone enjoys a guilty movie every once in a while in order to relax. Sometimes the cure to a stressful day or the key to an entertaining night with friends isn’t the blockbuster and award winning movie everyone has been raving about. In fact, sometimes when it comes down to it, what you really need may just be a horrible movie. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with appreciating the classics. Wellmade and thematically relevant movies are important too, but there is something special about the mind-numbingly horrible nature of certain films. Whether it be a cheesy romantic comedy that you can laugh at or a horror thriller so bad that it’s funny, here is a list of my favorite worst movies to watch.

1. Friends With Benefits: Starting off the list with a rom-com is the film Friends With Benefits. Starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, this movie may not exactly feature a high intensity plot or deep message, but it sure is a fun watch. As the title suggests, the entire movie is dedicated to two friends who explore the whole concept of friends with benefits. As one would imagine, the two characters do not remain simply friends for long, and the movie ends in a dramatic, romantic, and unrealistic flash-mob. Timberlake’s character uses a flash mob as a romantic declaration in the nick of time, just as one does in day-to-day life. This movie is definitely worth the watch for a feel-good hour of mediocrity.

2. Sharknado: Next on the list is a movie that many high school students are familiar with: Sharknado. This movie features the plot of a fast approaching tornado and storm that hits Los Angles. The storm leaves the city wreaked with sharks of a violent nature. This dramatic and completely infeasible collision between tornado and shark is not even close to being pulled off in this movie, but the frankly terrible plot is enough to keep viewers watching. Surprisingly, the move itself features some decent acting and is all together not too bad. However, the same can definitely not be said for Sharknado two, three, four, and five which somehow work to keep this ridiculous plot alive.

3. Chalet Girl: A Netflix classic and under rated bad movie to look out for is Chalet Girl. A young Australian girl takes a job as a chalet girl for the summer where she meets friends and, of course, an attractive young man who happens to be a member of the family she works for. However, despite this cheesy plot line, the majority of the film focuses on the girl, Kim, and her development as a snow boarder in an effort to win 10,000 dollars for her father and family. It just so happens that all works out well in the end between Kim and the attractive boy, played by the actor of Chuck from Gossip Girl. If that isn’t enough to convince you to watch Chalet Girl, I don’t know what is.

4. Rubber: While Sharknado had a few redeeming qualities in term of production value, Rubber is a film that features no common sense, horrible acting, and allaround low quality producing. However, there is something undeniably satisfying and funny about watching a murderous tire role around the country on a massive killing spree. The tire fights off cops and kills other humans, which produces horrible quality action scenes. The best part of this film by far, however, is the long and extensive shots of the murderous tire rolling across the desert. Each of these shots is sure to last at the very least three minutes in length.

5. When in Rome: Finally to top off the list, I simply have to put in the famous and surprisingly popular movie When in Rome. Some may argue that this is not a horrible movie, but to that I would simply remind them that the premise of the film is a young women who wishes with a penny in a magical fountain and then becomes the love and center of affections from three different men. Surely this plot is doomed from the very beginning. However, the wedding scene is nothing if not relatable. I always worry about the bridesmaid not being able to break the vase, and I relate to that on so many levels. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with living vicariously through the lead character. Who wouldn’t want a group of people to fall in love with them at the drop of a hat? Of course the scene with the little car driving around a fancy hotel is amusing as well despite not being high quality film.

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The Best of the Worst Movies to Watch