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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Discontinued

Chris Schmucki, '18, Staff Writer

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“It is for me, sister. Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money ” Are the words spoken by Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, and until recently, Disney. The mass media company known as Disney just recently announced the discontinuation of the new Star Wars ™ trilogy, much to the outrage and disappointment of fans from every generation.

After its release in December 2015, The Force Awakens ™ soared to the top of the box office, claimed multiple box office records, and generally pleased viewers. Despite its high production quality, the makers of the new Star Wars ™ series claimed that the series “Should remain untouched from now on”. Rian Johnson, the director of the would-be eighth movie in the series noted how the increased commercialization of the series creates “A wider gap between the movies we’re making, and the movies they came from”. This gap was not the desired result for the producers, and this has been the determining force in the discontinuation of the trilogy.

It has become obvious that with the purchase of © Lucasfilm Ltd. by Disney, the inevitability of remaking and/ or continuing movies would come with inevitable commercialization. The Force Awakens ™ has drawn many new viewers into the world of midichlorians, but held the classics-lovers back. After browsing through the Rotten Tomatoes reviews by users, I found that many proclaimed their frustration for the overall decision to continue the series. While the next two movies hold potential to draw in tremendous profits, Disney decided that cutting the series would save them a numerous loss of fans for future projects. Hypothetically, Disney ™ could roll out a new Star Wars film every year and still draw profits, but with such a critically acclaimed series to add onto, it becomes a moral question of what is best for the fans. “It all comes down to our viewer’s interests” Robert Iger, the current chairman of Disney ™ states. It is clear which viewers Disney has in mind.

The wide gap between fans who will watch anything and the very selective fans puts Disney ™ in a tight spot. It is known that the selective viewers are more consumerist, and will buy, on average, five times the amount spent on average. This means that a pleasing film will dramatically stabilize this [already resolved] issue, but the chances of two other movies measuring up to the originals are astronomically small.

The discontinuation of the eighth film is one of few times in Disney’s ™ history that it has axed a major product in the interests of their viewers. “We listened, took initiative, and did what was right for our fans. It was a very reflective process” Rian Johnson explains. Not only is was this decision made with the viewers in mind, but it also shows Disney’s respect for the legacy and long-lasting impacts of their actions on cinematography. Whether the films would be a success or not is difficult to calculate, but Disney ™ knew that it would be more favorable for their fans, as well for the Star Wars ™ series, to discontinue the series.



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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Discontinued