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Leditor: April Fools!

Claire Van Duyne, '17, Editor-In-Chief

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Dear Readers of the Panther Press,

There comes a time in the year where us students need to unwind and relax. After the long and tiring stretch from the end of winter break through the end of March, everyone becomes just a little worn down. The monotony of second semester life becomes just a bit tedious, and by the start of April something must be done. No, I am not talking about Spring Break, as wonderful as that is. I’m talking about April Fools Day.

While many people consider pranking to be an activity reserved for children, this is a common misconception. April Fools Day provides us high schoolers – and even adults – the chance to behavior younger than we are. If there is one thing that years of watching The Office has taught me, it is that a good prank is enough to make even the most boring task entertaining. Now it is unlikely that we will be able to pull off pranks as epic as Jim Halpert’s, but we can most certainly try. With one week left before Spring Break, it is time for us to seize the moment. Use this opportunity to test out some of the best pranks out there.

Within the confines of school, it is still possible to execute some excellent quality pranks. For example, if you have one of those pesky classmates who likes to eat your snacks during class, maybe bring in some oreos and munch away. However, when that annoying friend steals one, they might be sufficiently befuddled to find that the center is a minty toothpaste treat instead of creamy goodness. Another classic and school appropriate prank is the mouse sensor trick. Find and print out an small picture or joke, and tape it over the censor of the mouse of your neighboring classmate during your computer’s class.

For those seniors and juniors with the ability to drive, the senior lot unlocks a whole plethora of pranking opportunity. Perhaps the saran wrap idea is a bit too cruel, but there are other options. Leaving a note on the windshield of your friends car will give them a second long scare before they realize it’s only you wishing them a happy April Fools day.

Maybe your pranks during April Fools will not be as complex as the classic Desk of Wrapping Paper and Bathroom Relocation from The Office, but try to take the time today to celebrate this day. Make this time of the year interesting through the little things. Even later in the month, the year, or in life, make sure not to take things too seriously. While it is important to stay focused on things that matter, whether it be college applications or studying for that end of the year AP test, nothing is more important that creating time for a chance to laugh every once in awhile. Don’t be afraid to create this chance for laughter any chance you can.The Panther Press certainly has.

Until next time.

Claire Van Duyne

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Leditor: April Fools!