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The Leditor: One Last Hoorah

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Dearest readers of the Panther Press- it appears my time as Editor-in-Chief has finally come to an end. I promise not to get overly sentimental on you, but I wanted to spend some time discussing what the Panther Press has meant to me over the past four years. I like to think of myself as a writer who wrote about things that mattered and embodied the words of Martin Luther King Jr., who once stated, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” In the past year I have tried my best to center the Panther Press around issues here at home and things that truly impact our lives on a daily basis. Journalism exists to inform the public and force readers to question what they might have originally thought to be concrete truth. Chances are, if you found an article to be controversial, or disagreed with it in some manner, or objected to it being written in the first place, the article served its purpose. The mere fact that you formulated such a strong opinion in the first place proves that you care about what you read, and those thoughts swirling your head are creating an internal debate spurred by an article. This is the beauty of journalism. Whenever I was asked over the past four years why I write for the Panther Press, or edit the Panther Press, I simply stated that I love writing for my high school newspaper. What single artifact that you carry out of your hands from Strath Haven High School embodies what our school believes in and considers to be relevant more than the Panther Press? To the readers of this newspaper and the student body of Strath Haven High School, I thank you for treasuring this valuable resource and urge you to cherish the plethora of extracurricular opportunities available to you. The Panther Press will only be around for as long as you want it to be, so your ongoing enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment was dutifully noted in my time as Editor-in-Chief, but you must not stop now. What we have here at the Panther Press is truly special, and it is not the work of myself, the advisors, or the editorial staff that separates it from other high school publications. I have often been asked by readers of the Panther Press from outside our district what its single most definable characteristic is. Each time I hear such a question I smile and think of you, the writers, who each bring something unique and different to the table with the passing of editions. It has been an absolute privilege of mine to serve as Editor-in-Chief behind the voice of Strath Haven High School. I leave you all with some final remarks for what they’re worth. In my time here in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District, and even in past issues of the Panther Press, I’ve pondered over what makes this district so special compared to all others. There are certain individuals who you meet in a lifetime that change you for good, and in this district those individuals surround you every step of the way. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by role models throughout the duration of my entire grade school experience, and to each teacher, coach, administrator, or faculty member that I have known over these past twelve years, I thank you with all of my heart. You have made these years extraordinary in every way possible and have filled my heart, as well as so many others, with pure joy. With the end of any long journey comes many necessary thank yous. The Panther Press has flourished over the past year because of the work of some very dedicated individuals. I would like to thank our high school principal, Dr. Yannacone, for her ongoing support of our newspaper and incredible capacity to help us work through logistic problems. A huge thank you to my dedicated editorial staff (Samantha Snyder, Jenna Harowitz, Abigail Marcus, Anna Jaoudi, Josh Kauffman). Thank you to our staff photographer Sierra Matika for working the deadlines with me and not hesitating for a second whenever I called upon you to take a picture for an article. I thank all of our staff writers and columnists for their insight, humor, and charm; you have taught me so much this year and I hope you continue to write for the years to come. Lastly, for those of you who don’t know much about the process of publication here at the Panther Press, our advisors are two of the hardest working advisors in the high school for any school affiliated organization. Mrs. Munn and Ms. Bruch read through every single word of each edition and supply me with feedback within a remarkably short time period, in order to allow for publication on a timely basis. Without the two of them, this entire publication would cease to exist, so I thank them for their selfless commitment to a pursuit of excellence in journalism here at Strath Haven High School. As far as next year’s editors are concerned, I am pleased to announce that there will be four new editors joining Anna and Josh on the editorial staff next year. Due to the fact that we added a second, online edition of the paper to our journalism operation this year, we have decided to name an online editor and a print Editor-in-Chief for next year. Anna Jaoudi will continue as online editor, and Josh Kauffman will carry on the torch as Editor-in-Chief of the print edition. I wish them both, as well as the entire editorial staff, the best of luck, and I have no doubt that when I read the first edition come September I will be pleasantly surprised. I urge you, the student body, to give back to the community that has shaped you into who you are. Seize every opportunity at your disposal and ride the wave of opportunity before it passes for good. When someone asks you why you do what you do, toss aside the overused response of “college applications” and answer that you love the activity full-heartedly. Live your years here at Strath Haven High School to the fullest, so that when you walk across that stage as a graduate of your soon to be alma mater, you crack a smile knowing you left absolutely nothing behind. Yours, Dylan Van Duyne

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The Leditor: One Last Hoorah